Classic Art Engineered Wood Flooring

TrinityTree Classic Art engineered wood floor collection is the foundation of timeless European wood flooring. This collection includes: the Famous Slavonian White Oak, European Acacia, Iroko, European Cherry, Doussie, European Walnut, Teak, and European Ash.This product is available as in 3 strip format including the Easy Klick connection. Our three strip product specification is as follows: 13.5 mm thickness x 206 mm wide x 2200 mm long, 3 mm wear level, 8 time UV mat finish and 2 times hardeners / anti scratch surface. Volume: 6 peices per box, 2.718 m3 per box, 1 pallet = 45 packages = 122.355 m2. Manufacturing guarantee: 25 years.

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