Art Fix Engineered Wood Flooring

TrinityTree sets the trend in high fashion European wood flooring. This collection is based on the famous Slavonian white oak dressed in trendy oil colors and textures. This collection is available in 1 strip or 3 strip formats with square or bevelled edges. This product is available in the Easy Klick connection or standard tonge and groove (TG). Product specification: 13.5 mm thickness x 185 mm wide (one strip)  /206 mm wide (three strip)  x 1800 mm long (one strip) /2200 mm long (three strip), 3.6 mm wear level, and easy to maintain colored oil surfaces. Three Strip Volume: 6 pieces per box, 2.719 m2 per box, 1 pallet = 45 packages = 122.355 m2. One Strip Volume: 6 pieces per box, 1.998 m2 per box, 1 pallet = 45 packages = 89.91 m2.. Manufacturing guarantee: 25 years.  Product of European Union

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Product of European Union