MDO - Medium Density Overlay Concrete Form Plywood

Medium Density Overlay Concrete Form Plywood Details: 

MDO - Medium Density Overly is effective with gang forming and job site concrete forming methods.

Our medium density overlay (MDO) concrete forming panel meets PSI/95 Struc 1 or Class 1 Special Overlays and APA standards. TrinityTree MDO is an economical form panel that utilizes lightweight MDO overlay technology. The hardwood faced inner core is made from Douglas Fir inner piles. 

 (1) MDO Panel Construction and Details 

  • Available in STRUC 1 and Class 1 configurations:
  • MDO good 1 side GS1 (working face) and good 2 sides GS2
  • Pre-treated with NOX Crete release agent. Our pnaels are factory coated on both sides with the world famous Nox Crete chemically active release agent. Nox Crete prevents the panels from sticking to the face of the concrete. Nox Crete extends the life of the panel.
  • Panel thickness: (a) 17.5mm (11/16 of an inch) - 5 ply & (b) 19mm (3/4 of an inch) - 7 ply
  • Panel size: 2440mm x 1220mm ( 4 feet x 8 feet )
  • Packaging: all panels palatalized: 17.5mm / 50 sheets per pallet & 19mm / 44 sheets per pallet
  • Matt finish, moderate wood grain transfer, no sugaring


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