Type 1

Type 1


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Our robust and reliable original fastener 

Connects parallel panels where the emphasis is on strength. Highly versatile, it can be surface-mounted or semi-rebated into the panel, orientated for vertical or sideways assembly.

Using Type 1 Button-Fix

When a panel fitting with proven strength is required, the Type 1 Button-fix is the one to use.

Typical uses include:

  • Wall & ceiling panels
  • Acoustic panels
  • Mirror panels
  • Shelf units & shop displays
  • Upholstered panels & banquette seating

      Dimensions and materials

      • When surface-mounted, panel gap = 8mm
      • When rebated, panel gap = 3mm
      • The Fix is moulded from 30% glass filled nylon PA6
      • The Button is moulded from 30% glass filled nylon PA6
      • Manufactured in the UK